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Can go to HCAhranswers.com then HCA Rewards for more information about RMC/HCA benefits


Employee Assistance Program (EAP): 

  • Liveandworkwell.com or call 1-877-950-5075for confidential support

  • A set of services provided to you and members of your household by your employer at no cost, with no enrollment needed

  • Provides easy access to an emotional support professional (masterís level provider) by phone or in person any time 

  • Use the EAP network for approximately 5 free sessions

  • May connect you to confidential, no-cost, short-term counseling sessions with licensed professionals, financial and legal support, and help with community resources  

  • Most EAP professionals are in your behavioral health provider network


Your Behavioral Health Benefit, Care from a local therapist:If youíre enrolled in medical coverage through the HCA Healthcare Well Care Program, you can find a local therapist. Behavioral Health benefits are administered by Optum Behavioral Health. All plans offer the same types of services, but the coverage depends on the plan youíre enrolled in (e.g., WellCare levels 1,2,3).

  • To find a qualified provider, call Optum Behavioral Health at (877) 950-5075 or visit their website (enter access code: HCA).

  • Coverage for mental health and substance use services

  • Helps you pay for out-patient therapy, psychiatry, and in-patient hospitalizations for the treatment of depression, anxiety, substance use disorders, eating disorders, autism and more

  • May require you to pay out of pocket expenses such as co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles

  • In-Network Psychologists, Therapists, Social Workers in Jackson County, MO:

          o   Michael Grimes, PhD                     816-718-0075

          o   Chris Shanalin, PhD (female)         816-942-1811

          o   Pamela Taylor, PhD, LPC              816-340-6649    

          o   Baola Capra. MSW                        402-413-8565

          o   Pamela Chort, MSW                      816-210-7991

          o   Mimi Zimmerman, MSW                816-942-1811

  • Psychiatrist In-Network in Jackson County, MO

          o   David Sherman, MD                        816-407-9596

  • In-Network Psychologists in Johnson County, KS:

          o   Julia Ahrens, PhD                         913-369-0121

          o   Mary Ellen Culver, PhD**              913-626-1030 (daughter is a physician)

          o   Brent Halderman, PhD**               913-601-5221 (worked in an internal med practice)

          o   Katia Lecluyse, PhD                     913-906-9559

          o   Ronald Lybarger, PhD                  913-906-9559

  • Out of Network Psychologists, Therapists, Psychiatrists that Julie Wood-Warner, PhD recommends; call HCA Benefits to get coverage rates (877-950-5075):

          o   Tammy Coder Mikinski, PhD**        913-777-6665 (works a lot with couples)

          o   Stephen Hazel, PhD**                    913-451-8550

          o   Kate Sirridge, PhD**                       816-444-5511 (worked w/ Research Family Med Residency)

          o   Virginia (Ginny) Owens, PhD*         913-642-0100

          o   Jeri Whiting, PhD**                         816-554-7750 (Leeís Summit; worked w/ Truman Lakewood)

          o   Stephen Samuelson, MD*               913-338-0400 (psychiatrist)

          o   Richard Brewington, MD                 913-649-0923 (psychiatrist)

** People whom I know well and recommend

*People that I know


National Suicide and Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Substance Use Healthline: 855-780-5955

Physician Support Line: 1-888-409-0141

National Domestic Violence  Hotline 1-800-799-7233


Mental Health and Well-Being Apps: Access through HCAhranswers ŗ HCARewardsŗWellbeing Hub

  • Talkspace:

          o   Regularly communicate with a licensed therapist by text or live video. You can start therapy within hours of choosing your therapist. Itís secure and confidential (in accordance with the law).

               You can even message your therapist without an appointment and get responses back five days a week.

          o   Go to the Optum website, (code:HCA) and select Talkspace from the Popular Tools tab to get started.

  • Sanvello:

          o   Dial down the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression with Sanvello, an app that offers daily mood tracking, coping tools and community support.

          o   Go to the Optum website, (code: HCA) and select Sanvello from the Popular Tools tab to get started.

          o   HCA Healthcare has partnered with the nation's most credible mental health organizations to collaborate on a free resource hub to help people address their mental health needs during the

               COVID-19 pandemic. Resources are also available in Spanish.

          o   You also have access to:

  • Together we can thrive forward! Use a digital toolkit that provides a variety of articles, tools, strategies and videos that focus on improving your personal endurance and wellbeing. Please note, you must be on the HCA Healthcare network to access.

  • A wide assortment of wellbeing resources specifically designed for our colleagues through the HCA Healthcare Caregiver and Colleague Wellness site (must be on the HCA Healthcare network to access).

  • Interactive learning programs and practical tips to help you manage stress and become more resilient through Motivation Alliance. Get started




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