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No lecture



Care of the Elderly Hospitalized Patient*

 Blue Team - Primary Rounder


Acute Poisoning and Drug Toxicity*

Orange Team - Primary Rounder


Acute Meningitis*

Blue Team - Primary Rounder


Simulation 6:00 - 7:00am

Dr. Waxman


No lecture




Intracranial Hemorrhage*

 Orange Team - Primary Rounder



Orange Team - RIC


Thyroid Emergencies* 

Blue Team - Primary Rounder


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Consultation and Preoperative Care*

Orange Team - Primary Rounder


Acute Abdominal Pain*

Blue Team - RIC


Anemia and Transfusions*

Blue Team - Primary Rounder


M&M - noon to 1pm -

Dr. Bhat



No lecture



Pharmacology - Antibiotics and Antibiotic Stewardship*

Mike Moody, PharmD


Sickle Cell Crisis*

Orange Team - Primary Rounder


LO 3 Inpatient Medicine Jeopardy

Orange and Blue Team RICS


No lecture


LO4    Updated: 5-31-2022

1)  Acute Abdominal Pain (LO4) :
(updated 5/12/21)
     a. American Family Physician - “Diagnostic Imaging in Acute Abdominal Pain in Adults” April 1, 2015
        “Common Questions About the Evaluation of Acute Pelvic Pain” January 1, 2016 -
     b. New England Journal of Medicine - “Mesenteric Ischemia” March 10, 2016 -
        “Diverticulitis” October 25, 2018 -
    c. Up-To-Date - “Evaluation of the Adult with Abdominal Pain in the Emergency Department”


2)  Acute Meningitis (LO4) :
(updated 4/30/21)
    a. American Family Physician - “Aseptic and Bacterial Meningitis: Evaluation, Treatment and Prevention” September 21, 2017
        “Cerebral Spinal Fluid Analysis” April 1, 2021
    b. New England Journal of Medicine - “Acute Viral Encephalitis” August 8, 2018
    c. Up-To-Date - “Recommendations for empiric antimicrobial therapy for purulent meningitis based on patient age and specific predisposing condition”
(REQUIRED READING) treatment&source=outline_link&selectedTitle=1~150

3)  Acute Poisoning and Drug Toxicity (LO4)
(updated 4/30/21)
    a. American Family Physician - “Primary Care For Person’s Who Inject Drugs” January 15, 2019
        “Urine Drug Tests: Ordering and Interpretation” January 1, 2019
    b. New England Journal of Medicine - “Toxic Alcohols” January 18, 2018 -
        “Hazardous Chemical Emergencies and Poisonings” April 25, 2019 -
    c. Up-to-Date - “Initial Management of the Critically Ill Adult with an Unknown Overdose”   

        “General Approach to Drug Poisoning in Adults”
    d. CDC - “Understanding the Epidemic-Opioid Overdose”

4)  Anemia and Transfusion Medicine(LO4)
(updated 5/13/21)
    a. American Family Physician - “B12 Deficiency and Management” September 15, 2017;
        “Anemia in Older Adults” October 1, 2018;
        “Hemolytic Anemia: Evaluation and Differential Diagnosis” September 15, 2018;
    b. New England Journal of Medicine - “Microcytic Anemia” October 2, 2014 -
        “Iron-Deficiency Anemia” May 7, 2015;
        “Aplastic Anemia” October 25, 2018 -
        “Anemia of Inflammation” September 19, 2019 -
    c. Choosing Wisely-“Blood Transfusions for Anemia in the Hospital” 2018 -
    d. Up-To-Date - “Indications and Hemoglobin Thresholds for Red Blood Cell Transfusion in Adults”;
        “Approach to the Patient with a Suspected Acute Transfusion Reaction”;
        “Approach to the Adult with Anemia” in the hospital&source=search_result&selectedTitle=1~150&usage_type=default&display_rank=1


5)  Care of the Elderly Hospitalized Patient (LO4)
(updated 5/12/21)
    a. American Family Physician - “Choosing Wisely-Don’t use restraints with an older hospitalized patient”
        “Evaluating Medical Decision-Making Capacity in Practice” July 1, 2018 -
        “Preoperative Assessment in Older Adults: A Comprehensive Approach” August 15, 2018 -
        “Preoperative Evaluation and Frailty Assessment in Older Patients” Dec. 15, 2020 -
    b. Up-to-Date - “Prognosis and Outcome Following Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Adults”

        “Hospital Management of Older Adults”

6)  Consultative Medicine and Preoperative Exam (LO4) :
(updated 5/12/21)
    a. American Family Physician - “Preoperative Testing Before Non-cardiac Surgery: Guidelines and Recommendations” March 15, 2015;
        “Preoperative Assessment in Older Adults: A Comprehensive Approach” August 15, 2018
    b . Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine - “2017 Update in Perioperative Medicine: 6 questions answered” November 2017;
    c. New England Journal of Medicine - “Cardiac Complications in Patients Undergoing Major Non-cardiac Surgery” December 3. 2015
    d. UptoDate - “Overview of the principles of medical consultation and perioperative medicine”
        “Preoperative medical evaluation of the healthy patient”;

        “Evaluation of cardiac risk prior to noncardiac surgery” evaluation for cardiac    

        risk&source=search_result&selectedTitle=1~150&usage_type=default&display_rank=1 (REQUIRED READING)

7)  Intracranial Hemorrhage(LO4)
(updated 4/30/21)
    a. New England Journal of Medicine - “Subarachnoid Hemorrhage” July 20, 2017
        “Intensive Blood Pressure Lowering in Patients with Acute Cerebral Hemorrhage” September 15, 2016
    b. Stroke - “Guidelines for the Management of Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhage” July 2015
    c. Up-To-Date - “Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhage: Treatment and Prognosis”

        hemorrhage&source=search_result&selectedTitle=1~150&usage_type=default&display_rank=1#H1090503456 (REQUIRED READING)
        “Non-aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage” hemorrhage&source=search_result&selectedTitle=3~150&usage_type=default&display_rank=3
        “Aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage-treatment and prognosis”


8)  Pharmacology: Infectious Disease-Antimicrobial Stewardship (LO4)
(updated 5/20/19)
    a. Joint Commission - “New Antimicrobial Stewardship Standard” July 2016;
    b. RMC “Empiric Antibiotic Guidelines” updated 2018;
    c. IDSA-Infectious Disease Society of America - “Combating Antimicrobial Resistance-Policy Recommendations to Save Lives” May 2011;
    d. Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology - “Section 10: Antimicrobial Stewardship and Clostridium difficile Infection:

        A Primer for the Infection Preventionist” pages 73-80, 2013

9)  Sickle Cell Crisis (LO4)
(updated 5/13/21)
    a. American Family Physician - “Management of Sickle Cell Disease: Recommendations from the 2014 Expert Panel Report (of National Heart, Blood and Lung Institute)” December 15, 2015
    b. New England Journal of Medicine - “Sickle Cell Disease” April 20, 2017
    c. Up-To-Date - “Overview of the clinical manifestations of sickle cell disease” cell

        crisis&source=search_result&selectedTitle=1~150&usage_type=default&display_rank=1#H2855835578 (REQUIRED READING)

10)  Syncope (LO4) :
(updated 4/30/21)
    a. American Family Physician - “Syncope: Evaluation and Differential Diagnosis” March 1, 2017
        “Syncope Evaluation and Treatment Guidelines from ACC, AHA and HRS” April 1, 2018
        “Canadian Syncope Risk Score: Validated Risk Stratification Tool” March 15, 2021
    b. UpToDate - “Evaluation of Syncope in Adults”;

11)  Thyroid Emergencies(LO4)
(updated 4/30/21)
    a. American Family Physician - “Hyperthyroidism: Diagnosis and Treatment” March 1, 2016
    b. New England Journal of Medicine - “Myxedema” February 19, 2015 -
        “Graves’ Disease” October 20, 2016 -
        “Subclinical Hyperthyroidism” June 21, 2018 -
    c. Up-To-Date - “Thyroid Storm”
        “Laboratory assessment of thyroid function” function tests&source=search_result&selectedTitle=1~150&usage_type=default&display_rank=1

12)  LO4 Inpatient Medicine Jeopardy - (RICS)